A city break full of fun in the company of local friends

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We are your local friend in town, as your local friend you won’t feel a tourist anymore and you will blend with the locals and the local life, you will become one of us! Forget the maps, apps and the research on what to do! To find what Lisbon has to offer just follow us! We promise an authentic experience where you will eat, drink make new friends and party like a local with the locals.

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What People Say About Us

You made me feel like Lisbon is my home and my playground more than London...
...I feel I can go back there and I will be able to go around myself if I had to. The local experience is much better...

Kaya Gibson
Entrepreur, January 2016

...I loved the experience so much! Thanks for taking me around Lisbon. Even though "time flies when you are having fun" it felt like a whole week had gone by and those were probably the best nights of my life...

Sumaya Faraz
Bakery assistant, March 2016

Thanks for sharing your city and culture with us. An amazing experience with music food and above all so much love. People make a place and your local friends are dope!!! :-)…

Moses Blaak
Singer/Songwriter, March 2016

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Visiting a city you don’t know could be tricky if you don’t know where to go or what to do, trust our local friends and experience the city as a local.