About Us

One Crazy Night in Lisbon it’s a new alternative to traditional tourism side by side with a Lisboner! Our tours establish social connections between the tourists, the city, the local people and the local nightlife.

We are an option for the ones who like alternative experiences, away of the main stream light and outside the normal touristic routes. Establishing real connections with our clients is one of our goals; we are not a local guide service we are a local friend providing local life experiences to our visitors.

We work closely with the local business so that we can offer different experiences and maintain the crazy night route the most authentic and charismatic it can be. We support the local business!

Our aim is to satisfy the need of clients who enjoy local experiences, Nightlife, gastronomy and engaging with locals.

We make sure our clients see the best spots, eat and drink well, have fun party and dance without worrying on how to navigate the city.

Why Us?

You could go alone but it won’t be the same!

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